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This is being billed as in the same mould as Shaun of the Dead. If any one goes to see it under that illusion, they are in for a disappointment. That said, this is not a bad film, and did raise a few chuckles out of me, as well as enjoyment at some nice gruesome horror bits.

The plot is a bunch of office workers from an arms manufacturer go on a team building weekend in a remote part of Hungary. The woods that they find themselves in are also the home to crazed maniacs. What we get are the members of the team being picked off in various bloody methods, none of which are that original.

You can play guess who gets the chop next, and also guess who survives to the end, at the same time puzzling over the two attractive women down a hole we are shown at the beginning and wondering what they have to do with anything. It is a long wait to find out, but we do.
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