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Eclecticon Day Three

I went to a 9am panel on writing collaborations and then was on a panel at 10am about Dr Who with Grey Bard and Tom Beck. It was meant to be about whether Dr Who was a show before its time, but we spent a good chunk talking about the new show before discussing things like our favourite Doctor etc.

A couple of hours later, and time for the final panel sessions of the con and I was doing a panel with Pherber called "Who told Paul Darrow it was Avon's Show". Neither Pherber nor I came up with that title, so we weren't quite sure what we were meant to be talking about, so we looked at Avon's changing role throughout the four seasons and Paul Darrow's interpretation of the character, both on screen and in his book.

Convention over, I went to the Jersey Gardens Mall for a bit of shopping, but bought nothing. Back at the hotel now, and nobody seems to be around, but I do have beer. Rough plan for tomorrow is to get up, check out, leave luggage in hotel and head for Manhatten, then back to hotel, collect luggage and fly to England, arriving at Gatwick very early on Tuesday morning (about 6am I think).
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