Steve Rogerson

11 October 1956
Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Adams School - Wem England - Shropshire UK (1968 - 1975)
Lancaster University - Lancaster England - Lancashire UK (1975 - 1979)
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My name is Steve and I moved to Nottingham in June 2004 after living more than 20 years in London (I am originally from Oldham but was brought up in north Shropshire, hence I support Shrewsbury Town, and spent four years at Lancaster University). I actually live in Sneinton, and love the windmill (, and have already paid my pound to be a friend of it. FRiends Of Greens mill are called FROGs.

I am a freelance journalist and I write about technology related stuff.

I am a big science fiction fan. I prefer SF and horror films but I do watch other films too. My all-time favourite TV show is Blake's 7 and I am one of the organisers of the Redemption series of multimedia SF conventions ( and Orbital, the 2008 Eastercon ( I go to loads of other conventions and pictures from them are on my web site at

TV programmes I am currently watching include Medium, Sarah Jane Adventures, Fringe, Sanctuary, Life on Mars USA, Dollhouse, Stargate Universe and House.

I play pool for the Queen Adelaide on Windmill Lane. I like real ale, so am pleased to have pubs such as the King William IV, Old Moot Hall and Bunkers Hill within walking distance.

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